SOLEIL Synchrotron is a synchrotron radiation facility in France, both a large-scale facility and a research laboratory. SOLEIL is at the service of the international scientific community and industry. It is also a place for dissemination of scientific culture. A high-technology facility, SOLEIL is both an electromagnetic radiation source covering a wide range of energies (from infrared to X-rays) and a research laboratory at the cutting edge of experimental techniques dedicated to matter analysis down to the atomic scale, as well as service platform open to all scientific and industrial communities. Thanks to a wide range of techniques and wide range of accessible wavelengths, SOLEIL is developing a very broad scientific program for the simultaneous determination of the structure and geometry of matter in all its forms right down to the atomic scale, and for exploring its chemical, electrical and magnetic properties. Dr Paul Dumas, reponsible for the SMIS beamline (Spectroscopie et Microscopie dans l’Infrarouge avec le Synchrotron) at SOLEIL, is a member of the BioMERA-platform Scientific Advisory Committee within this project.

Key Personnel

Dr Paul Dumas is a Director of Research at CNRS (Centre National Recherche Scientifique) and currently on secondment at the French synchrotron radiation source SOLEIL. Physicist by education, he has contributed to the optimisation of the extraction of infrared photons from synchrotron source, and their exploitation. He has optimised and advised in the construction of many infrared beamlines at the various synchrotron radiation facilities around the world. He is currently responsible for the SMIS beamline (Spectroscopie et Microscopie dans l’Infrarouge avec le Synchrotron) at the SOLEIL synchrotron radiation facility. He is involved in numerous scientific applications of synchrotron radiation infrared spectroscopy, in a wide range of scientific fields, including research in the following areas: biology, medicine, and bioarchaeology.