The BioMERA consortium is currently working on various papers, of which references and updates will be posted here.  Keep following!

Published papers:

K. Lorentz (2020): External auditory exostoses and early Neolithic aquatic resource procurement in Cyprus: results from Cypro-PPNB Kissonerga-Mylouthkia in regional context. Accepted by International Journal of Paleopathology, 



Lorentz, K.O., Casa B. (2020) First Metacarpal Fractures from Chalcolithic Cyprus: a fall or a fist?, International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, 30(5), pp. 712-735. 


Accepted papers:

K.Lorentz, W. De Nolf, M. Cotte, G. Ioannou, RM Zaruri, F Foruzanfar, SMS Sajjadi, (2020): Use of synchrotron radiation micro X-Ray Fluorescence (SR-µXRF) for mapping metal element localisation in ancient hair: Metals and health at a 3rd millennium BCE large urban trading and crafts center in South-West Asia. Accepted by Journal of Archaeological Science: in press.

KO Lorentz, SAM Lemmers, C Chrysostomou, W Dirks, RM Zaruri, F Foruzanfar, SMS Sajjadi(UNDER REVIEW) First permanent molars with accentuated line patterns: Assessment of childhood health in an urban complex of the third millennium BCE  Accepted by Archives of Oral Biology: In press


Images by Simone Lemmers (Lorentz et al., 2020)














Lower jaw from an individual that lived in the 3rd millennium BCE urban complex of Shahr-i Sokhta, located along the so-called Silk Route (Iran). Within the context of BioMERA, Lorentz et al are doing research on the imaging and analysis of dental microstructure, using conventional lab based histology approaches, which will continue in using Synchrotron Radiation approaches and Micro-CT. Images by S.A.M. Lemmers 


Currently under review:

KO Lorentz, N. Branca, SAM Lemmers: Short of stature but not of status: MOPDII proportionate dwarfism with severe microdontia in the 4th millennium BCE Eastern Mediterranean (submitted June 2020)